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In response to the rapidly changing landscape caused by COVID–19, Hunter Sports High School has put together a student online work package to help minimise the impact on student learning and wellbeing.
Students from the Support Unit have been provided with a package of work that can be completed at home which includes:
  1. Differentiated literacy and numeracy work booklets for all students. This was especially relevant for our students who have identified they do not have the internet at home.
  2. Online activities using the Google Classroom platform for our key programs including Kicking Goals (Literacy), RUOKM8 (Social Skills) and Personal Interest Projects will be regularly updated. A survey of our students revealed that 95% are confident using the google drive platform. 
  3. An online learning tools resource which includes free educational websites across a variety of subject areas including Science, Maths and Geography. We've also added some fun links including virtual museum tours and hands on activities. This sheet has also been posted on our google classroom environment.
  4. Online learning programs such Education Perfect, Study Ladder, and Getting Technical websites and passwords
  5. Colouring and mindfulness activities

Students are encouraged to communicate with their teacher via Google Classroom and regular phone calls will enable families who do not have interent access to request more paper-based work as required. 

For more information please contact Melinda Workman - Head Teacher Special Education                            Email: