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Uniform Policy

Having all students in uniform provides equity in that all students wear the same which costs the same. Wearing school uniform promotes pride and dignity in oneself and earns community respect for the individual student and the school as a whole. A Student Representative body chose this uniform and, after a lot of consultation, decided it was what they wanted. Therefore, we do expect our students to wear it.

Parents are requested to ensure that students wear the Hunter Sports High School uniform and to support the school's safety policy with regards to footwear. Department of Education and Labour and Industry regulations require specified footwear.

The following items are NOT acceptable:

  • Coloured t-shirts worn under the school shirt or polo. If a shirt is worn under the school shirt or polo it must be white.
  • Multicoloured sloppy joes
  • Representative trackpants or tops
  • Tights under the school shorts
  • Extremely short shorts or skirts
  • Coloured caps or hats (no hats are to be worn indoors)
  • Jewellery must be kept to a minimum. Large coloured or metal earrings are not part of the uniform.


The school expects that students wear safe black leather lace-up style shoes or a style which covers the top of the foot. Suede skate shoes are acceptable as long as they have a substantial leather tongue. Shoes with mesh or a fabric tongue are not acceptable.

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