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Sports Academy

The Hunter Sports High School Sports Academy is designed to provide students who excel in particular sports with elite coaching and an academic framework that enables them to reach both their academic and sporting goals.

The program aggregates talented young sportsmen and women from the Hunter and Central Coast in the one school and provides them with:

  • Elite coaching
  • A teaching staff supportive of the unique challenges of the sporting champion
  • The opportunity to complete their secondary education in the company of peers with similar aspirations, lifestyle and interests

The Sports Academy provides students with an opportunity to attain their optimum potential in their chosen sport. It enables them to hone their special talent and obtain a pathway to the Australian Institute of Sport as well as state, national and Olympic representation.

The school's curriculum provides students with maximum opportunities to achieve both their academic and sporting goals. No longer will education have to be sacrificed to ensure sporting success.

The provision of HSC pathways enables students to balance their education and sporting commitments by completing their HSC over several years.

Students participating in a Sports Academy Program are contracted to maintain satisfactory progress in their academic curriculum. A student found to be unsatisfactory at consecutive academic reviews will be withdrawn from the Sports Academy and placed on an improvement program to assist them in restoring their satisfactory status.

Our programs are highly competitive with limited places. To be considered for a place in our Sports Academy please ensure the application meets ALL four placement criteria. 

Placement in the program is dependent on a student meeting ALL of the following criteria:

·      Talent and skill in their chosen sport

·      Capacity to be self-directed and self-regulated

·      Ability to work well with a partner and in teams

·      Positive attitude to their school studies and education

All students seeking placement in the Sports Academy are required to submit an application form. The selection process will include a trial in the nominated sport in addition to an examination of their school reports.

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