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Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning and Sports Science

Hunter Sports High School is at the beginning of a new age regarding the student-athlete Strength and Conditioning and Sports Science program. With the complete redevelopment of the campus the school will boast a one of a kind, state of the art Athlete Development Facility incorporating world’s best practice systems and equipment.

Strength and Conditioning training incorporating Long Term Athletic Development is now a widely-accepted form of training for adolescents. Despite previous concerns regarding the safety and effectiveness of youth resistance training, scientific and clinical evidence supports participation in youth resistance training programmes that are well designed and properly instructed.

The Hunter Sports High’s Strength and Conditioning program will aim to develop stronger and more robust youth athletes that will be better prepared to learn complex movements, master sport tactics, and sustain the demands of training and competition. Thus training prescription is based on an appropriate progression according to training age, motor skill competency, technical proficiency and existing strength levels whilst also taking into consideration the biological age and psychosocial maturity level of the athlete. Students, at all times will be supervised by the Head of Strength and Conditioning or another qualified, experienced S&C coach and will never be required to perform exercises outside of their physical competency.

Our Head of Strength and Conditioning/Sports Science Adam Trypas boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience from long term athletic development through to elite professional teams and athletes, and below are some of his qualifications;

  • Bachelor Teaching/ Bachelor PDHPE
  • Masters Exercise Science (S&C)
  • ASCA Coach Accreditation

For any further information regarding the program please do not hesitate to contact Adam at the school.