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T1 Academy

T1 Academy – Years 9 and 10 (RoSA pathway, to begin in 2024)

T1 is a Stage 5 program designed to support disengaged students. These students complete a RoSA mapped pattern of study. Outcomes are achieved through the completion of a range of design projects that provide predominantly hands on learning experiences. Student agency is fostered through co-designing learning with their advisor. The Academy will focus heavily on literacy and numeracy with an emphasis on the development of General Capabilities, particularly Personal and Social Capability and Critical and Creative Thinking. Students engage in expeditionary learning to support their connections within their communities and cultures, as well as with employers. The T1 program allows students to transition into a variety of Stage 6 opportunities including T2 and HSC pathways. Students may also use this Academy as a springboard into the world of work.

All students have an individualised learning plan that identifies their goals, strengths and areas for growth. Students are selected based on their NAPLAN and Check-in results along with their attendance record and wellbeing referrals. Teacher, senior executive, wellbeing team and family recommendations are also sought to ensure the T1 Academy is targeted to the students who will benefit from a different approach to education.