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From the Students

Our Big Picture students are very passionate about learning. Here, some of our students share their thoughts about Big Picture and its benefits to their education:

Abbie - Year 12 2020

Abbie Leyshon is a 2020 graduate of the Big Picture Program at Hunter Sports High School. Through the International Big Picture Learning Credential process Abbie was successful in entering a program in Physiotherapy with Honours at the University of Newcastle in 2021. Abbie was motivated and inspired by her interest in Sports Science, her application to Netball, and her trademark ability to study hard in her areas of passion and interest.

Earlier this year Abbie was contacted by current Year 12 student Michaela Doungmanee to gain expert mentor knowledge around university entry, working through the Big Picture design as a senior, and gain insight from a person who has paved the way for others to follow. On the 15th of February Abbie visited the academy and spoke to a number of students interested in Sports Science, Physiotherapy and various related fields. Year 12 student Mia Austin said the following about Abbie's visit:

"I sat in on Abbie's breakout meeting in our seminar room to hear her story from Hunter Sports High School to the University of Newcastle. Abbie is very well spoken and it shows that she honed her public presentation skills during her time in Big Picture. I was motivated by her enthusiasm and down to earth approach with all of us as she genuinely wished to give back anything she could. For me, I took away her advice on the interview process and what to expect from the university in terms of support and how to work to an academic standard. Even after she was finished talking to the group she helped a number of us seniors with our projects and portfolios where she could. I really appreciated her time."

Hunter Sports High School Big Picture will continue to follow Abbie's incredible journey and, as always, wish her the best in her endeavours in the big wide world.

"I started my big picture journey halfway through Year 9 and I haven’t looked back since. It has allowed me to grow as a learner as well as a person and it has given me so many amazing opportunities. It has improved my confidence as a person and I can now comfortably speak in front of groups and adults through doing my exhibitions. I enjoy learning so much more because I get to learn about what I’m interested in and passionate about. Eventually I would love to be accepted in to University for Physiotherapy but until then I get the opportunity to study those same topics and even get to experience what it is like to be a Physiotherapist through what we call an LTI (Learning Through Internship). Having an LTI is so much fun because it gives me an idea of what it’s like to work in a workplace with experts in my dream career. "