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Attendance Policy

Student attendance at Hunter Sports High School is not only compulsory but also a legal requirement as outlined in the DET's School Attendance Policy and Procedures (1991). It is important students attend school on a regular basis to ensure they receive appropriate education and achieve positive learning outcomes. Unsatisfactory attendance may result in a student not meeting course outcomes and this could effect a student's ability to receive the Higher School Certificate as well as social security and/or Centrelink entitlements.


Student's Responsibility:

As members of Hunter Sports High School students must agree to:

  • Be punctual to school
  • Be punctual to all classes
  • Attend school as often as possible
  • Attend timetabled classes
  • Provide timely written notification from parents/caregivers for any absences
  • Obtain authorised passes (i.e. early leavers pass, late arrival pass)
  • Take responsibility for completion of work missed due to non-attendance


Parent/Caregiver's Responsibility:

A parent/caregiver of a student at Hunter Sports High School should:

  • Provide timely written notification for their child's absenteeism
  • Ensure their child attends school on a regular basis
  • Communicate with the school regarding extended periods of absence
  • Provide written explanations for lateness or early leavers
  • Work with the school to support student attendance


The school recognises that there may be a sound reason why a student may not attend school on a given day. In such cases the student is recorded as being absent and a written explanation from a parent/caregiver is required to ensure accurate records are kept. This documentation should be handed in on the first day back after the absence.


Students who are late to school must sign in and then proceed straight to class.


Early Leavers:

If a student needs to leave school early they need written permission from their parent/caregiver. This note must be handed in to the Student Services Office before school starts in the morning.