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Sports Academy Application Form

Placement in the program is dependent on a student meeting ALL of the following criteria:

  • Talent and skill in their chosen sport
  • Capacity to be self-directed and self-regulated
  • Ability to work well with a partner and in teams
  • Positive attitude to their school studies and education

Continuation in the program is dependent on a student demonstrating:

  • Continued development and improvement in the nominated sport
  • Meeting required levels of attendance
  • Payment of Sports Academy fees
  • Adherence to the schools’ code of conduct

A Google account is required to complete this form, if you do not have a Google account please create one by clicking "Create account" on the form below. 

Sports Academy Application Form Link

Please note, there are a limited number of positions available in our Sporting Academy Programs

School Assessment Form Download - You must get this completed by your students current school and upload to the application form.

The trial fee of $40 must be paid online, follow "make a payment" link at the top of this page.

Applications close:

  • 2nd May 2022 (for current Year 6 students)
  • 22nd July 2022 (for students currently in Years 7-10)

Only students who have completed their application form, submitted all supporting documentation and paid their trial fee will be able to attend trial.