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Bullying Policy

Bullying will not be tolerated at Hunter Sports High School.

This applies to all forms of student bullying behaviour, including cyber-bullying that occurs at HSHS and off school premises where there is a clear and close relationship between the school and the conduct of the student.

All teachers, students and parents/carers must respond appropriately to bullying and harassment and contribute to the general health and wellbeing of all members of the school community. This is reinforced continuously through the school's core Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) values: respect, responsibility and success. 

At HSHS we actively empower young people to develop resilience and the skills to keep themselves and others safe.


Bullying includes:

  • Physical: any exertion of force or a deliberate act which causes injury or harm by an individual or group (e.g. shoving, punching, stalking, standing over, and invading personal space)
  • Verbal: use of words, threats or intimidation (e.g. name-calling, using offensive language, graffiti and offensive notes, putting someone down, disrespectful remarks involving gender, race and disability)
  • Psychological: spreading rumours, hiding or damaging possessions
  • Cyber-bullying: electronic bullying using mobile phone, SMS, email, chat rooms or online social networking
  • Harassment: behaviour intended to intimidate, threaten or offend (e.g. physical and verbal violence, damage to property, vandalism, theft, and sexual harassment or homophobia)


Bullying behaviour is not:

  • Conflict or fights between equals
  • Children not getting along well
  • A situation of mutual conflict
  • A single incident of nastiness or random acts of aggression or intimidation


Management of Bullying

Students have the responsibility to:

  • Ensure the health and safety of all students, staff and community members
  • Treat others with dignity and respect at all times, including when using social media
  • Refuse to participate in bullying of others
  • Act proactively as bystanders to support the victim and stop the bullying
  • Report bullying to relevant adults (e.g. year advisors, counsellors, Head Teacher Wellbeing, Deputy Principal, Girls Advisor, classroom teacher)

Teachers have the responsibility to implement this policy and to ensure a safe and supportive learning environment.


What strategies do we have in place for dealing with bullying?

There are many strategies in place if students are being bullied, including the Positive Behaviour for Learning program, peer support, youth workers, Minimbah, individual case management and anti-bullying workshops. Students should speak to their year advisor for guidance and support. 


How to report bullying:

Students will be asked to fill in a Bullying & Harassment Notification Form (pdf 25 KB). These are available from every staff room, the Deputy Principals, online via the school website (click on the link above), the student services office and the front office.

These will be acted upon within two days and the student will be notified of the outcome and offered appropriate support if needed. 


Who to report bullying to:

  • Parents/carers
  • The classroom teacher when in the classroom
  • The teachers on duty in the playground
  • A teacher you feel comfortable with
  • Your year advisor
  • A head teacher
  • Deputy Principal
  • Principal
  • Learning and Support Teachers
  • Girls Advisor
  • Hunter Sports High School Youth Workers
  • SRC Representative
  • Aboriginal Education Officer or the Minimbah team of support staff
  • School Learning Support Officer


For more information about our Bullying Policy, including local support services and helpful websites, please see the following links:

HSHS Bullying Policy (pdf 60 KB)

HSHS Bullying Flyer (pdf 67 KB)