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Academy Structures

Hunter Sports High School Academy Structure

The Academy structure at Hunter Sports High school places students at the centre of their own learning where they have agency and connection to a community of learners. This structure aligns with the school motto of Personalising Pathways for all students. An Academy has its own purpose and is supported by a teacher advisor. The advisor facilitates, guides, mentors and supports the learning of students in their advisory group.

Each Academy has a real-world focus and authenticity, connected to external adult mentors and/or community projects. Real world skills and general capabilities are developed to ensure these students are given the best opportunities to thrive in a diverse and complex world.

The Academy structure is aimed at supporting students to:

  • identify their passions to promote depth and breadth of learning
  • develop a strong sense of self and have agency in their learning
  • have purpose, relevance and authenticity in their learning

Academies will have up to 20 students per advisor. This is to ensure that all students are truly seen, feel valued and cared for. A key focus is on developing their humanity and ensuring students can counter the rise of a world dominated by artificial intelligence. As artificial intelligence advances upon the more manual and repetitive jobs of the future, it’ll be the jobs requiring the navigation of humanness that remain. Academies are focused on instilling the skills, knowledge and character traits that give our students the best chance of successfully navigating this changing world. In the Academy, students' strengths are identified, acknowledged and enhanced and their areas for growth are integrated into the curriculum and are supported and developed. This approach fosters an environment that values individuality, nurtures well-rounded development and the ability to assess personal growth and resilience over time.

Academies allow more opportunities to encourage students to reflect on their academic experiences, challenges faced, and lessons learned. By evaluating personal growth, Academy assessment framework structures inspire a growth mindset and a love for learning, moving beyond the sole focus on grades or test scores.

More information on each Academy can be found on the links below: