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New Metrics

New Metrics

new metrics

What is New Metrics?

The New Metrics research-practice partnership is a coming together of like-minded schools who want to embed the teaching, assessment and recognition of complex competencies in their settings, as well as influence broader systemic transformation. 

Schooling is ready for a paradigm shift and the implementation of new metrics to assess, credential, and measure student, school and system success.  

New Metrics is an opportunity for innovative schools to join with academic experts and international trailblazers to reimagine and influence schooling in Australia – to move away from the ‘grammar of schooling’ that continues to lock our schools into many of the distinctive features of the 20th-century version of education. 

Young people must now be educated and assessed in new ways so they are prepared for a very different future. 

The partnership provides the opportunity to: 

  • work with other progressive schools that are moving away from the traditional ‘grammar of schooling’ 
  • use new and validated assessment tools for complex competencies 
  • generate reports and credentials that recognise a broader range of what a learner knows and can do 
  • influence the development of new policy 
  • garner the necessary support to facilitate real change in schools and systems 
  • connect with national and international networks of like-minded leaders. 

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