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Youth Centre

Youth workers are part of the welfare support system at Hunter Sports High School. As members of the Learning and Support Team they fulfil an important role in assisting to improve the capacity of our students to engage in education by offering welfare support and enhancing community networks.

The Youth Centre operates via an informal referral system. The open-door policy means students can self-refer, staff can refer if a student has asked to speak with a youth worker, as can parents/carers if their child has given consent.

Our youth worker Keira  (pictured above left) deals with a variety of issues that effect student wellbeing. She works with students individually as well as offering group programs and participation in whole school activities.

Our youth worker is able to offer support in the following areas:

  • Friendship issues, personal and family issues, and monitoring student wellbeing
  • Group programs (e.g. anger management, social skills, peer mediation, mentor groups, resilience building, healthy relationships, positive choices, behaviour, bullying/cyber-bullying)
  • Developing and maintaining partnerships with community organisations

Hunter Sports High students benefit from the support of our youth workers by developing knowledge, skills and abilities to improve their social and problem-solving skills and as well as enhancing coping mechanisms and resilience.

The Hunter Sports High School Youth Centre is open every day during school hours to support our students.