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Computing & Internet Policy


Computer and the internet are wonderful resources that add another dimension to topics being studied in class. They allow students to collect and share information and communicate and collaborate with people from around the world. The internet offers facilities that can enhance students' learning opportunities and outcomes in all key learning areas and generic skills.

In addition to the information available from the internet, the school also has the opportunity to publish its own website providing the benefits of developing literacy, writing and critical thinking skills.

It should be noted that while the internet possesses vast stores of information and educational resources, there are also undesirable aspects of the internet including:

  • Socially and culturally inappropriate material
  • Offensive material
  • Gambling sites
  • Misinformation

The NSW Department of Education and Training provides computers and the internet service free of charge to schools. In order to maintain a safe and appropriate environment for students accessing the internet, all internet access at school is filtered automatically at the service provider to prevent known undesirable sites from being accessed. In addition to the filter, access is given under teacher supervision, but this supervision may not always be direct.


Code of Behaviour

It is the school's policy that ALL computer usage and internet access are to be for educational purposes only. The following outlines the school's Code of Behaviour.


Maintenance of Hardware:

  • Students will treat all computer equipment with care and will only use computers as directed by their teacher
  • No computer, related equipment or part thereof is to be tampered with or removed from the user's normal working area

Access, Security & Publishing on the Internet:

  • Students must keep passwords confidential; never allow others to view their 'e-learning' account and must log off correctly every time they use a computer
  • Communication through email and via the school's website is treated as a form of publishing. Students must gain teacher approval for publication.
  • It is the school's policy that no student will be identified by full name and no student's contact details are to be published
  • Students will observe the rules of 'Netiquette'
  • Students will never send or publish unacceptable, threatening or personal information, material or remarks pertaining to another student or staff member

Downloading Information, Electronic Storage and Signing up for Services:

  • Students will not knowingly access or attempt to access sites that are inappropriate or not of educational nature
  • Electronic storage should only be used to store work related material. All unnecessary material is to be deleted
  • Students must not modify software, screensavers or other utilities
  • Students must not sign up for any services available on the internet without first gaining teacher approval

Receipt of Inappropriate Internet Material:

  • In the case of an inappropriate site, image or virus being displayed on a computer, the student must immediately turn off or minimise the screen and quietly report it to the teacher. All inappropriate sites will be reported to the Department in order to have them included in the filter.

Equity of Access to the Internet:

  • All students with parental permission will be given the opportunity to use the internet as part of their classroom studies as appropriate

Copyright Issues:

  • Any material accessed and utilised from the internet will be acknowledged and copyright respected


The Consequences

Breaches of the Code of Behaviour will result in loss of access to the internet, possible removal of computer access, parental notification and the possibility of further action as specified in the school's Welfare Policy.