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As part of our strong commitment to future-focused teaching and learning, Hunter Sports High School is contuing to move forward with our Bring Your Own Learning Device Program (BYOLD). We're now in the second phase of our BYOLD program with the new school boasting the latest technology for our staff, our classrooms and our students. 

At Hunter Sports High, the BYOLD initiative allows students to bring and use their own personal computing devices at school. Although the specifications of the device are important BYOLD is about creating constructive change in teaching practices and empowering the students to make decisions regarding how they will learn in class. Students in time, will connect with the global world and learn to design, create and share their ideas in an engaging manner.

Please note that any student who brings a device to Hunter Sports High School and connects to the school Wi-Fi or uses it in class must complete a student agreement first. 


BYOD Policy and Agreement

HSHS Device Specifications

Connect to School Wireless

Removing Device Restrictions

Students are required to have full control over their device so that they can access any educational applications at the request of teachers. As such the device should not have any restrictions in place. The below guides will ensure the student has full access to their device.

Switch Out of S Mode

Standard User to Administrator

Remove Family Safety Restrictions


Device Purchasing

Parents are welcome to purchase devices anywhere, there are many retailers offering competitive outright purchasing options. We recommend a screen size between 11" to 14" running Windows 11, please refer to the Device Specifications document above for more information.


Free Software Downloads for BYOD

The Department of Education has enterprise agreements which allow the download and installation of particular software, to support Bring Your Own Device initiatives.


Adobe products
The DoE's enterprise agreement with Adobe allows students to download and install Adobe Creative Cloud (and some other software) for free on one personally owned device.

Adobe Creative Cloud


Microsoft products
The enterprise agreement with Microsoft allows students to download the full suite of Microsoft Office applications for use on their personal BYOD devices. These complete applications complement the provision of access to Microsoft Office 365 or "Office in the Cloud" now available. The Office 365 software and associated mobile apps can be used on a limited number of devices owned or used by students of the DEC at no charge.

Instructions for installing Microsoft Office 365