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The aim of the careers program at Hunter Sports High School is to foster beliefs and interests and to develop skills and knowledge that will enhance life skills and employability for our students.


Positive learning experiences and opportunities at school and also from TAFE, University and registered training organisations play an integral part in assisting our students in becoming productive and engaged members of society. 


Careers classes are timetabled in Years 9 and 10 at Hunter Sports High School. Year 9 students learn about what careers in schools is and how they can access and use the school's careers system. Developing strengths, communication techniques and social skills needed in the workplace are other key components of the Year 9 careers program.


In Year 10, interests and personal profiles are developed and formalised to assist subject selection choices for the HSC and to create documents (resumes etc) needed to gain employment in a competitive labour market.


Both job-seekers and students wishing to combine study and work experiences into formalised opportunities such as apprenticeships, traineeships and school-based traineeships/apprenticeships are supported and encouraged. Updated job vacancy listings and careers-related events are communicated to students to enhance careers skills and opportunities (see links to the left for more information). 


Students are encouraged to speak to our Careers Advisor if they have any questions or wish to discuss careers, study or employment related issues.