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Selection Procedures

To qualify for enrolment at Hunter Sports High School a student must either live in the local drawing area or be selected on merit as a talented sportsperson. Students participating in the Talented Sports Program undertake specialised development programs in their chosen sport during school time as a school subject. This is integrated with a full academic curriculum which caters for the special needs of the talented athlete.


Placement in a Talented Sports Program is dependent on:                                                              

  • An ability, interest and potential in the nominated sport
  • A recognisable committment to school studies and academic performance
  • An excellent record of school conduct and attendance


Continuation in a Talented Sports Program is dependent on:                                                        

  • Continued development and improvement in the nominated sport
  • Satisfactory academic performance
  • Acceptable levels of attendance
  • Payment of TSP fees
  • Adherence to Hunter Sports High School's Code of Conduct


To gain placement in a Talented Sports Program you must:

  1. Complete the Talented Sports Program Application Form                                                                (Please ensure the information you present is true and correct. If it is found to be incorrect any offer for placement may be withdrawn. All information is treated with strictest confidence)
  2. Attach full copies of your child's Birth Certificate and their two most recent school reports                   (DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS)
  3. Mail this back to the school along with the $40 trial/application fee no later than one week prior to the trial dates. Cheques should be made payable to Hunter Sports High School.
  4. Students may wish to nominate for trials in two different sports if their abilities dictate so.
  5. Attend your trial. Dates, times and venues will be emailed or posted. Please note that only students who have completed their application form and paid their trial fee can attend the trial. Please arrive at your trial venue at least 10 minutes early and come dressed in your playing gear. Trial dates/times are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to check these details 72 hours prior to trial date. Trial information is available on this website and is updated regularly.
  6. Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be advised in writing. This process can take up to four weeks from the date of the trial.