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Code of Conduct

1. I understand that my enrolment and continued placement in the Sports Academy at Hunter Sports High School is dependent upon the attainment and maintenance of specified sporting standards as well as the acceptance and adherence to the terms and conditions listed below.

2. I agree to:

a) Maintain personal habits of health (including fitness and nutrition) conducive to sporting excellence

b) Abide by both the rules and the spirit of my sport

c) Neither take or use drugs or stimulants not participate in other practices prohibited under this program

d) Conform to all rules

e) Pay all fees associated with the school elective courses and the Sports Academy are paid in full before the commencement of each year

f) Sports Academy Fees are not refundable once enrolled (attending).

g) Maintain a satisfactory level of school attendance and attendance in the Sports Academy

h) Wear the correct Hunter Sports High School uniform and Sports Academy uniform

i) Compete to the best of my ability in all school carnivals (including Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country)

j) Represent the Hunter Region if or when selected

k) Maintain satisfactory educational standards, in terms of behaviour, progress and completion of assigned tasks

l) Maintain a personal diary of all sporting and school activities

m) Disclose forthwith to my Sports Academy coach of any condition, injury and/or sickness that may prejudice my participation in the program and to seek professional assistance to rectify the complaint as soon as possible

n) Attend all lectures, seminars, courses or other activities designed to improve your sporting capacity

o) Participate in all fitness tests associated with the Sports Academy

3. I acknowledge that if I do not comply with any of the above terms or conditions given by me in this agreement, or in the event of any breach of discipline or misbehaviour on my part, my rights as a participating athlete/student may be terminated.

4. I acknowledge that Hunter Sports High School will not meet the cost of any medical or hospital service incurred, and that it is my responsibility to ensure that I have adequate private health insurance and extras cover at all times.

5. I agree that Hunter Sports High School, its employees, servants and agents will not be liable for any loss or damage to my property or for my property for which I am responsible arising out of or in connection with my participation in the Sports Academy.

6. I hereby indemnify Hunter Sports High School and its servants or agents against all costs, damages or losses that they may suffer as a result of any of them by any person in respect of any illness (including death), loss or damage.

7. I acknowledge that selection and participation in a Sports Academy is to develop the student's skills, physical and mental capabilities and knowledge of the game. It does not guarantee a student's playing time while representing the school in any competition, game or event.


When leaving the school grounds to represent Hunter Sports High School as part of a Sports Academy excursion students must wear their white 'dress' shirt. The boys must wear their white dress shirt, black dress pants and their black school shoes. Girls must wear their white dress shirt with their school skirt and their black school shoes.

Each sport academy has its own set uniforms for training and playing which students must wear at these times only. After training or playing, students must change back into their school uniform, including black school shoes.