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Positive Behaviour for Learning

The Positive Behaviour for Learning program (PBL) was introduced at Hunter Sports High School in 2015 and has made a big impact on student behaviour in classrooms and in the playground.

PBL is a school-wide behaviour initiative that has been implemented in around 45% of public high schools in NSW and it is very successful in encouraging positive behaviour from students. The program  has been shown to improve students' self-concept and motivation to learn, increase attendance and retention, and lead to higher academic achievement.

Research also shows that the increase in positive behaviour brought about by the introduction of the Positive Behaviour for Learning program in turn increases learning time substantially. It employs a whole-school approach and we are confident it will impact positively on the attitudes of our school community towards behaviour and learning and that we will see improvements in student learning outcomes and results.

Our core values at Hunter Sports High School are respect, responsibility and success. These values will be reinforced through lessons and in all aspects of school life. They are expected behaviours and are linked to a student reward system that acknowledges students who exemplify these values.

Think twice, say it nice Make good choices Set goals
Consider others Listen and follow instructions Aim high
Be proud Right place, right time Celebrate achievements

Staff and students at Hunter Sports School are excited about the positive changes this fantastic program is already bringing to our school.