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Big Picture Academy

To our Big Picture students and parents/carers,

We hope everyone is keeping well during this difficult and trying time. In light of the current situation, we are making preparations for all possible eventualities. In the instance of school closure, below is an outline of how we plan to support continuity of student learning from home.​ We believe it is going to be critical for wellbeing during this time that we all stay connected.

  • ​Touching base with advisor twice daily where possible to set and communicate daily goals with the advisor in the morning and reflecting on daily progress in the afternoon
  • Continue to work towards learning plan goals
  • Completing set tasks on EP (Maths, Science, English etc)
  • Completing a minimum of 3 journal entries per week
  • Having a one-on-one check-in with the advisor each week via advisor's preferred platform/method (video-conferencing, email, phone call etc) to review work and progress, seek clarification and support and receive feedback etc.
  • Completing an end-of-term reflective narrative​
  • Finalising and organising work into portfolio
  • Recording exhibition and submitting via Google Classroom or conducting with advisor via video conference if this hasn't already taken place
  • Writing an exhibition reflection
  • Finish reading book and completing book response

With this said, our Big Picture ethos of 'one student at a time in a community of learners' most certainly still applies so please be kind to yourselves and get in touch with your advisor or myself if there is anything further we can do to support you during this time.

Ms Nicole Ladas                                                                                                                                                          Big Picture Head Teacher