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Many of the key issues of modern society are in areas involving science and technology. The media is filled with content and discussion regarding scientific issues that have become political, social and economic issues. These include climate change, stem cell research and the development of life-saving drugs.


The science faculty actively engages students in the process of working scientifically to gain an increased understanding of the importance of science in their own lives and society, locally and globally. Through questioning and seeking solutions to problems, students develop an understanding of the relationships between science and technology and its importance in current and future practices.


Our science faculty has developed differentiated, engaging science teaching and learning programs based on the National NSW Science curriculum. We are encouraging students to develop a positive self-concept as learners and gain confidence in and enjoyment from their learning at Hunter Sports High School. In our science classes, students are engaged in practical activities and research tasks for half of all lesson time.


As well as comprehensive general science classes for Year 7-10 students, the science faculty offers students a range of senior subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Senior Science. These subjects are taught by caring and highly qualified teachers who are proud of all their students' achievements.

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