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Learning Distinguishers

Advisory Structure

Hunter Sports High Big Picture Academy Advisory groups each have up to 20 students. The advisory groups run for approximately 30 minutes every morning to check in and plan the day, and every afternoon to 'check out' and ensure work has been completed for the day. Advisories are small enough for everyone to know everybody else. Students come to feel that their advisory group is like a second family. They develop a close relationship with their advisor, who supports students to develop learning goals and plans. The advisor helps students set up internships and liaises with their internship mentors. Through regular monitoring, assessment and feedback students and their advisors ensure that learning is progressing.


Personalised Learning and Individual Learning Plans

The advisor (teacher) works with a group of up to 20 students every day. The students learn how to become increasingly responsible for developing their own individual learning goals and plans. Their learning is relevant because they are able to pursue their own interests and passions. Advisors teach the students how to become improved thinkers and how to conduct inquiry projects. Students are continually challenged to deepen their learning and improve their performance. When the students graduate they are committed lifelong learners


Learning Through Internships

One of the main features of the Academy is that students get to learn in the real world. A key component of their learning is the Learning Through Internship (LTI). LTIs are linked to future career pathways. In an internship students learn and work with an expert mentor in areas of interest to them. They can spend a day or more each week on internship. Internships will change as student interests and learning goals evolve.

Each student explores their own interest and pathway, lists phone numbers and emails, structures interview questions and then makes the contact for their internship. Once a meeting is organised, they then have an interview and, if successful, organise a shadow day. A shadow day is where they get to know the employeror mentor and decide if they would like to continue. After negotiating a day of the week, the student then starts their Learning Through Internship. These can last for as long as both parties are happy. Whilst on their internship every student completes anthropology on the company or location and a project to further their learning experiences in the community.


Assessment and feedback is different and essential

A student will present four exhibitions a year to demonstrate what they have learnt. We encourage parents, mentors and other students to attend the exhibitions. Assessment is frequent, involving self and peer assessment. Advisors, mentors, peers and other learning experts constantly provide feedback based on a student's current learning.


Small by design

The small enrolment ensures that everyone is known by every other member of the Academy while gaining the benefit of being part of the wider school community at Hunter Sports High School.


Families are enrolled too

The support, interest and involvement of parents in the student learning is very important. Parents will become more informed about their child's learning. Parents are encouraged to join in learning goal planning discussions, to attend learning exhibitions and to participate in school experiences.


Connected to community and partners

Students are highly connected to the local and global community. They are encouraged to make a positive contribution to their business partner organisations. Students learn about citizenship and make positive contributions to their community, starting locally, extending globally.


Learning in many ways and from a variety of people and sources

Students get learning advice, coaching, consultation and expert input from a broad range of people within and beyond the Academy.


Technology rich including one to one digital device learning access

Academy students learn in a 21st century technology rich environment. They are able to access portable digital devices, enabling learning anywhere and any time. Students are encouraged to bring and use computers and technology. Technology creates opportunities for learning beyond anything they have been able to do in the past.