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Educational Principles

As the first step in the planning process for the redevelopment, Hunter Sports High School executive staff and the redevelopment team created a set of educational principles which form the basis of the plans. 

These  principles underpin all decisions regarding the redevelopment, including what facilities are included, the number and types of rooms and buildings, and how the new facilities will look.

Feedback from student, parent and staff surveys was used in the development of the educational principles and was vital in ensuring that the needs of the school community are met.

The seven principles below each have their own set of key points which help define what we want to see in our new school:


  1. Our school delivers high quality educational and sporting outcomes in contemporary learning environments, both internal and external.
  2. Our school is safe and fully inclusive.
  3. Technological & Applied Studies is a major Key Learning Area for delivery of education in our school.
  4. We value and want to build on our strong community links.
  5. We look to the future: technology and sustainability.
  6. We take pride in our location and the presence we have in the community.
  7. We value our natural environment and the impact it has on our education.


Further details on the principles can be found here: Redevelopment Principles (pdf 615 KB)